Friday, 6 April 2012


Antisocial??i HATE you.

Yayyyy!!!i was sooooo freaking happy.I have attended my ORIENTATION day few days ago!!to some people it maybe is nothing but to me is a freaking BIG deal. I guess a lot of ppl didn't know that i was an anti-social kiddo when i was young.i hate talking with same aged kids. DONT ASK ME,why???? coz i also dunno what happen to my brain...hahaaaaa.By the way, i also kinda freaked out with the auntie and uncle who talked aloud like b****!!! I get scold when i was young when i was trying to buy har mee but instead i say fish head noodle.hahaaaa,funny rite??i guess my head kinda sot plug already.TEEHEE XDD.back to the story.The har mee uncle scold me and i was so freaking scare and being frightened by HIM.So, i swear i will never go back "pong chan'u punya.#childish.Eventually,i also balik makan at the kopitiam lah but (phew...)he was gone!!OH YA,Daisei lah,scold me shirr!!hahaaa..just joking only, dun take it too seriously

So, how was my orentation goes on?bad or good?to me it was quite good actually =D i was a shapo so i just can shut the fuck up!the consequences was i GET TO KNOW A LOT OF friend.Mostly indian girls bcoz my college was in Brickfields.DUN freaking think Indian was not good pls.My friend was so kind.Im so in love with them already.I love you guyssss!!muackzzzz..XOXO!!I duno hw to take ktm they even accompany me.SO sweet,rite???i was so scared i cant arrive my home but *woohoo* i arrived home safely and sleep like a pig.*snoring* you guyssss .they were so friendly..hahaa.The 1st day was nice and sweet even my new friend tell me that i was so friendly.She said she never saw a person like me so friendly one. I say i was so touched and feels like wanna cry already~

Then...*ahemm..*i skipped the 2nd day bcoz i was too lazy to get my ass to there to listen some boring stuff.So, i ponteng college!

The 3rd day was nicee but it kinda pissed me off coz i 10am went there but i get back on 1145...but the timetable said that the time is 12.30am..i was like WalaoA..i went here need 30mins,u noe??-.- what a wasting time if i know i will sleep at my home and hugged my teddy bear~LOL!!i dun need to waste time lah.the good things is a lot of ppl performs on the stage and i feel that they were so talented.So geng u guys!!u guys sings nice and dance well like a pro!!gahyao..*regret i din learn smth at all*haiz... orentation was so good and nice.Hope you guys have a nice nice day.I wanna sleep already..buh bai!!nite nite.sweet dream~
       Goodnight,dear~have a nice nice dream plss =D

Thursday, 5 April 2012

To my beloved friend

The clock was ticking..Now the time is 1.15am in the morning and my beloved best friend,yee moon--->the1 who flied away few days ago to study abroad at Singapore had force me to write a blog for her. Even though i feel like so freaking tired and yawning.and wanna get in my comfy bed and sleep like a pig.BUT.....

DESPERATELY WANNA SLEEP but i dont wanna disappointed her.So,i decided to write a blog post for her.i wanna say sorry to u for not having a proper farewell for u.Im soooo sorry. Let skipped the detail about what was going on,k?puhleaseeee forget me.Im so soooooooooo sorry.FORGIVE ME!

Nx thing is im sorry for nt contact u for few days b4 u going to Singapore. I just dunno what shud i said,u noe? It was really sad to face the truth that u are going to leave here.I scare i was so sad that will make you cry bcoz i think i will cry like a baby calling you.I just want u to be happy when u leave here. I duwan to c u cry at all, it makes my heartbroken into pieces like fragile glasses.BE happy and BE yourself,k??

Btw, i never tell you that when i saw ur blog post.I cried non stop TT..i was so damn touched.That time i feel like wanna hug u tight and duwan to let u go TT..sad,rite??I cried like a bitch..hahahahahaaa.When i saw ur blog,our happy memories suddenly playback once again in my mind.WE were so happy in my memory.That feelings was so awesome,u know?kinda like movie in black and artistic XDD.i will never ever forget the memories of us.So,dun ever forget mi plss..yamcha arh when u back aldy!!

When KSP told mi u cry at the airport while hugging ur mom.I feel that luckily i din go..i duwan to c u cry at all.i want u to be happy as usual.Always smile and laugh's face makes me feel happy also.i really miss the time i zat u u always make a face punya XDD i cant erase the face from my mind.You were so funny, but u never realized it also.We really missed you~hoping u can comeback soon!!

I am really tired now. I wanna sleep already.BYE BYE. PS.rmb to take care yourself.DRINK MORE WATER PLS!!and dun get sick at there plss!!dun lick ur lips oso since ur lips so sensitive!no mom rite now must be an independent girl already!

Last but not the least, I really love you as a a best friend.WE ARE BFF till we die <3

the time is almost 2am rite nw..wanna get some sleep XD

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Oh My Gosh! I finally make it. I am a genius...LOL!!hahaaa.just kidding.after changing a new background already so freaking heng fun arh argh excited.After few hours sitting on a chair that makes my bone pain like hell but i manage to change the freaking Header!it tooks me long time。REALLY LONG Time  to make it. I used Adobe Illustrator to do it so.So hard to find an easy way on GOOGLE so i decided to create myself.It was not easy at all.First,i find a free download vector using google.Then i use the illustrator to copy and paste the vector that i like kinda like doing art and crafts thing but no need to use your handsand a mouse,a computer,and you sitting in front the comp btw dont forget to install Adobe Illustrator ya~some people also teach people to use Microsoft Powerpoint too.BUT..too hard for me to understand!!and some people also blaff that doing a doing a header was so easy but when i click it.F*** you!but just got some freaking ads and rubbish things pop out.

 Believe me if you are new blogger like me u wont even understand the things they said in their just a bunch of paragraph and ads that make you wanna kill them all the way. WTF!! i am not your ATM machine pls.If you dunno anything just shut up plss!When you type an easy way to make a header on GOOGLE.Believe Me!They are all liars by saying very easy to do it.Makes me wanna to punch them!hahahahaa..just kidding but it really annoys me!

I will do a cake for my lovely friend,Yee Moon,Her birthday was on 5 March so i am so late already.At least i do a cake for her~and a birthday card (from bookstore).The cake is chocolate fudge cake according to my mom.I dont even KNOW what i will make for her bcoz my mother will also help me~i just need to do what my mom say~LOL...#failasusual. I really hope she like it but i know even though the cake is bot delicious.She will also love it bcoz is from me.HER BEST FRIEND~ XDDD.So YEE moon,if you dun like the cake hw abt i give you a lot os kisses??maybe u will love me more,rite??XD i love weiying toooo!!soo dun jealous lah~hahahaa

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Waiting means Boring WEDNESDAY today~ get nearer and nearer to the weekends~then is relaxing time again~yay!i love WEEKENDS!to me weekends mean ermmm...sleeping like a pig??LOL...i am a lazy lazy girl.Maybe my life is too boring like hell and makes me feel like the only thing i can do is sleeping on a my soft soft bed~LOL.This is the life that no bf no college and no school while waiting for the SPM result.I will die bcoz of those boring lifeee..#sucklikehell.i am a girl waiting for a result that maybe will turn out into very bad.? am so worry but there is nothing i can do except for Waiting and Wating and arghhh Waiting again.Im a Waiting Ashie instead of Waitie Katie but eventually Kate Middleton also got married with the prince so i think my result wont turn too bad,rite??OH GOD,please help me..puhlease.!!!

Btw, guys,i have change my background with the design from the shabbyblog design called < hot chocolate >.i love the combination of the colors with polka dot and a choco line.yums,rite??i m still new on blogging so maybe after few years i will design my own background,oh yea!!i will design with vintage floral or maybe something retro.This few months i m so in love with those vintage things.My friend,Weiying had bought a black and white oxford shoes.So freaking niceeee..#so in love with it.Somehow,i cant take the photo using my Lame Samsung Corby phone with only 2 megapixel and shit functions.REAL SUCK PHONE!so guys,dun ever ever thinking of buying that phone even Nokia 3310 also more powerful .hahaaha XDD i really really desperately wanna to buy a new phone~so lame rite??i know i know but i will prove that i can also buy a new phone without relying on my DAD. I still cant figure out what should i buy? SAMSUNG or APPLE ??Lets crossed my finger and hope and HOPEEEE i have enough money to buy it.

I need to be Independent and not always asking for my dad and mom's help.IM eighteen i think i should be more mature and shouldnt be too childish,but i noe is HARD bcoz im way too childish.hahahaa.XDD
i am having a date with my friends and we are going back to our excited because after 3 months,finally go back to school to visit old friends.I really miss them so get soooo.. excited!!oh yea!we are going to Pavilion cheong k and eat bak kut teh afterwards.MISS THEM...Love you guys. <3


so FREAKING confused
Imma gonna go to college already but somehow still so confused like hell...#suck. I CANT EVEN MAKING A SIMPLE DECISION THAT A 5 YEARS OLD KID ALSO CAN DONE.dizzy head,maybe?Sometimes i think im useless like hell..arghhhh...whatever lah.Confusion sometimes make people feels suck.But i think i will manage to sort this difficulties,rite??hahahaa =D.

I have a really simple life.However,sometimes a simple life makes people feel bored.I was so eager to live a life without being bored to death.I know not easy lah but sometimes people love to do something that maybe wont paid off.Few days ago,watch a new  drama,then the leading actress suddenly pop out a quote that i will never forget in my whole was so true..she said that "人生有很多事都是徒劳无功.."then is suddenly realized that OMG!!is she saying abt me?!my life was way tooooo simple too boring and i think i shouldn't live in this life.i should be more happy and live through my life without any regrets.

Moon.....secretly stolen her Yongsui Pic from FB
      #  what an epic face #TEEHEE
Btw,My friend , Yee Moon is leaving soon, she was one of my best friend,friend that i will never forget in the rest of my life.A friend that makes my life more colorful more happy.It was so hard to accept the fact that she was going to leave me..#sad face.Yee Moon, au revoir,bye bye, ya.You are going to leave but i didnt did anything for you.I am such a failure,fail fail fail.Yee moon no matter where u goes u will always be my best friend,ya!just be who u are and dont give up easily,k?life is hard and not that easy to live through,got up and down one mah~just calm and confidence facing any problem,k?i love you as a best friend no matter what happen.just smiling and be confidence then everything will be as good as it goes~#confidence was so important!!farewell,dear~take good care of yourself!!!!Love you you always..

    Farewell ya,my dear MOON<3
               Maybe when you are going to leave the airport we will sing周华健的《朋友》
  LOL,SAD LIKE hell but we are going to let you cry until ugly a like a PIGGY??!!yuck,so freaking ugly!!!!