Friday, 6 April 2012


Antisocial??i HATE you.

Yayyyy!!!i was sooooo freaking happy.I have attended my ORIENTATION day few days ago!!to some people it maybe is nothing but to me is a freaking BIG deal. I guess a lot of ppl didn't know that i was an anti-social kiddo when i was young.i hate talking with same aged kids. DONT ASK ME,why???? coz i also dunno what happen to my brain...hahaaaaa.By the way, i also kinda freaked out with the auntie and uncle who talked aloud like b****!!! I get scold when i was young when i was trying to buy har mee but instead i say fish head noodle.hahaaaa,funny rite??i guess my head kinda sot plug already.TEEHEE XDD.back to the story.The har mee uncle scold me and i was so freaking scare and being frightened by HIM.So, i swear i will never go back "pong chan'u punya.#childish.Eventually,i also balik makan at the kopitiam lah but (phew...)he was gone!!OH YA,Daisei lah,scold me shirr!!hahaaa..just joking only, dun take it too seriously

So, how was my orentation goes on?bad or good?to me it was quite good actually =D i was a shapo so i just can shut the fuck up!the consequences was i GET TO KNOW A LOT OF friend.Mostly indian girls bcoz my college was in Brickfields.DUN freaking think Indian was not good pls.My friend was so kind.Im so in love with them already.I love you guyssss!!muackzzzz..XOXO!!I duno hw to take ktm they even accompany me.SO sweet,rite???i was so scared i cant arrive my home but *woohoo* i arrived home safely and sleep like a pig.*snoring* you guyssss .they were so friendly..hahaa.The 1st day was nice and sweet even my new friend tell me that i was so friendly.She said she never saw a person like me so friendly one. I say i was so touched and feels like wanna cry already~

Then...*ahemm..*i skipped the 2nd day bcoz i was too lazy to get my ass to there to listen some boring stuff.So, i ponteng college!

The 3rd day was nicee but it kinda pissed me off coz i 10am went there but i get back on 1145...but the timetable said that the time is 12.30am..i was like WalaoA..i went here need 30mins,u noe??-.- what a wasting time if i know i will sleep at my home and hugged my teddy bear~LOL!!i dun need to waste time lah.the good things is a lot of ppl performs on the stage and i feel that they were so talented.So geng u guys!!u guys sings nice and dance well like a pro!!gahyao..*regret i din learn smth at all*haiz... orentation was so good and nice.Hope you guys have a nice nice day.I wanna sleep already..buh bai!!nite nite.sweet dream~
       Goodnight,dear~have a nice nice dream plss =D

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  1. skip class. what a bad girl !~ haha
    enjoy ur college life AND ! dont forget me !
    i am always be with u !

    all the best <3